Personal device use has grown tremendously and the need for secure, corporate wireless solutions have shifted from “nice to have” into the critical new face of business. Fast, reliable, and secure wireless access has become a necessity.  An inadequate wireless infrastructure can lead to many different types of problems.  Whether it be a negative customer experience to a manufacturing warehouse outage, businesses rely on a solid wireless infrastructure.

Wireless solutions offered through American Digital, help IT customers exceed business expectations by ensuring successful deployment of an optimized, resilient wireless network (WLAN).  Our team specializes in uncovering interference, spotty coverage, wireless AP mounting issues, and improperly designed RF strategies.  American Digital wireless architects unite the industry’s best technical leaders, offering its customers a complete wireless strategy.


Is your wireless coverage spotty? Are you adding new buildings or introducing outdoor coverage? Our team of engineers walk through your facilities and provide detailed RF “heat maps” of your environment to pinpoint and mitigate coverage problems as well as potential interference. American Digital can share wireless best practices to assure network reliability and optimal customer experiences.

Transitioning from a Cisco to Aruba WLAN

Many of our customers are realizing the benefits in moving to Aruba Wireless. With advanced certifications in both Cisco and Aruba, the architects and engineers at American Digital help to ease this transition.  They will translate these functions between platforms as companies migrate network and wireless vendors.

Campus Design

Providing wireless access has become more of a challenge for outdoor campus environments as end-users expect to work anywhere on premise. For both business and academic environments, detailed planning is required. What are the required coverage areas? What potential wireless obstacles exist? How many users will connect and which type of applications will be used? These are just a few of the questions answered and that develop into a detailed wireless plan ensuring a positive experience.


After our design phase, wireless network planning and installation begin. The engineers at American Digital will work with you to ensure a smooth rollout, even during instances of multi-vendor coexistence.  Equipment may be configured on-site or remotely in our office depending on your requirements. Once installation is complete, our engineers survey the area and perform a strict QA analysis to ensure proper AP placement, RF configuration, documentation, and connectivity.

Cabling Infrastructure

The latest advanced features in data analytics and data rates require the right cable plants. This means new cable runs or an upgrade of those already existing. Our consulting team can help you design, plan, and upgrade your cabling environment to support these new wired and wireless requirements.

Security – ClearPass

Aruba’s ClearPass solution not only solves your wireless access needs but also extend security to your wired network ports. Unsecured wireless has always come with inherent security risks, but so has the wired network when it comes to physically unsecured wall jacks. ClearPass blurs the line between wireless and wired for seamless authentication to network and application access, serving as the single security solution . Our consulting team can help you best secure your complete infrastructure from unwanted threats by means of tested security policies.

Monitoring and Management – Airwave

The AirWave management platform has been designed with mobile devices and apps in mind, offering granular visibility into wired and wireless networks. By proactively monitoring the health and performance of all things connected, AirWave lets IT gain the insights they need to support the digital workplace. The engineers at American Digital are uniquely qualified to install, configure, and leverage the AirWave platform for use in monitoring and troubleshooting multivendor networks as you migrate platforms. In addition, we bring extensive operations experience with the AirWave platform, ensuring optimal staff training and support. Your infrastructure team will gain up-to-date knowledge on tapping into AirWave’s granular historical data.  The platform give the ability to quickly diagnose user complaints before they damage your investment’s perception.

Data Analytics – Meridian

With Aruba’s Meridian platform, companies can infuse their mobile app with location-based features to vastly improve visitor experiences. Deliver indoor mapping, turn-by-turn directions, venue-specific content, and proximity-based notifications to mobile app users during their visits.  Using Aruba wireless access points and beacons, American Digital consultants can design the infrastructure leveraged by your mobile app for enhanced location-relevant solutions.

Comprehensive Demonstration Facilities

American Digital has invested significantly in the Aruba product line, offering a complete demonstration facility at its Elk Grove Village, Illinois corporate offices. Whether you need a first look at Aruba wireless, ClearPass security, Airwave monitoring, or Meridian application demonstrations, American Digital consultants can illustrate the full capabilities. With cross-platform infrastructures, American Digital will help you explore the ways in which the Aruba infrastructure could fit and operate within your environment.

Project Management

Investing in leading technologies won’t necessarily guarantee a successful project. Project plan execution using the correct technology solution is where American Digital project managers excel. We set and follow plans, expectations, timelines, and budgets. Projects are more than documented; they are truly managed to deal with those requirements that naturally change along the course. It’s no wonder American Digital customers ask for our project managers by name.

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