American Digital is a proven leader able to assist clients with SAP HANA infrastructure planning and sizing requirements. Making the move to SAP HANA requires months of planning, and American Digital will be by your side to help you make those critical decisions.

Platform Assessment and Sizing

HANA Migration is not simply a technical undertaking. The process requires significant tuning and code redevelopment to achieve optimal performance, with hardware requirements and constraints that can be substantial. But this doesn’t need to be daunting. Our dedicated team has the experience and expertise to help you through the end-to-end process.

Use Case Development

We’ll help you answer tough questions.

  • Timing – What is standard to SAP? Is there a typical timeframe or amount of effort/resources that I need to put in place before we get started?
  • Direction – Which systems belong with, or benefit from being on, HANA and which don’t? How can we determine what to consolidate or eliminate?
  • Structure – How do I get all of my SAP systems to the hardware platform safely, and what happens if there is a disaster?

Migration Strategy

  • Discovery – We’ll conduct internal interviews with the technical and functional team so that we collect as much relevant information as possible. This way we’ll identify key objectives, constraints, and technical requirements to create a comparative repository of structured data.
  • Planning and Analysis – Aligning your current environment with target technical requirements while considering functional necessities is key to each successful outcome. We’ll build your HANA migration roadmap to clarify goals, recommendations, and potential trade-offs.
  • Solutions Design – We will design the technical HANA migration blueprint in accordance with your systems, hardware recommendations, and deployment needs. This will include specifics regarding hardware design and landscape/lifecycle management.

Complete SAP Demo Environment

Whether it’s your first time viewing SAP HANA or you’re looking to test your own data on it, American Digital offers a complete HANA demonstration facility to fulfill your testing and demo requirements.

Project Management

Investing in leading technologies won’t necessarily guarantee a successful project. Project plan execution using the correct technology solution is where American Digital project managers excel. We set and follow plans, expectations, timelines, and budgets. Projects are more than documented; they are truly managed to deal with those requirements that naturally change along the course. It’s no wonder American Digital customers ask for our project managers by name.

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