The very definition of “cloud” can be confusing and overwhelming topic.  American Digital reduces this complexity with a full suite of cloud solutions. Whether it be a public, private or hybrid solution, our consultants guide our customers to the best solution for their environment.

Infrastructure Discovery and Assessments

Gathering a basic set of a customer’s infrastructure and application inventory can many times be the most challenging of tasks.  Data many times lives in outdated spreadsheets or does not exist at all.  American Digital helps customers with a proven methodology and toolsets.  Leveraging the Stratozone platform, American digital provides complete visibility of infrastructure components and their dependencies.  A non-intrusive data collector application is used to gather a detailed inventory which is then fed into a cloud-based store for reporting and analysis.

Application Assessments

American Digital consultants use data gathered during the discovery phase of the project to assess your applications and display all dependencies to determine a “cloud fit” score. This data can confirm application usage, network mappings, hardware and application versions, and capacity management, which helps businesses make the best strategy decisions possible.

Business Assessments

Moving to the cloud is so much more than simply copying an application from one server to a cloud provider. How an application interacts with various business applications and users is critical to creating a seamless migration. Our business consultants will work with your business application owners to fully understand the requirements for each of your applications.

Private/Public/Hybrid Cloud Decisions

Understanding whether or not an application is “cloud ready” depends on many different variables. From data collected during our cloud discovery, American Digital can help you make this determination. We will assess all technical, and business requirements per application and assign a “cloud fit” score. What is provided then is a road map showing you how and if your application environment should be migrated and what should remain on premise.


American Digital can help you create a migration plan once all analysis is complete. Our consultants interview your key business and technical application owners resulting in a comprehensive migration plan.  For many applications, automated scripts have been developed to help reduce migration time and complexity.

Project Management

Investing in leading technologies won’t necessarily guarantee a successful project. Project plan execution using the correct technology solution is where American Digital project managers excel. We set and follow plans, expectations, timelines, and budgets. Projects are more than documented; they are truly managed to deal with those requirements that naturally change along the course. It’s no wonder American Digital customers ask for our project managers by name.

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