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4 Reasons Consumption-Based IT Is Right for Your SAP HANA Migration

Posted on: November 1st, 2018 by american digital

The SAP® platform clock is ticking.

For all the resources spent trying to keep up with rapid technology-landscape changes, the 2025 deadline for SAP ERP users to migrate to SAP HANA is looming large.

With its in-memory computing capabilities, SAP HANA offers data-processing power and real-time analytics opportunities that legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) software simply can’t match. However, traditional IT environments were never built to support the explosive data growth unlocked by in-memory computing. That’s why, even though the deadline is years away, now is the time to start planning your migration.

For enterprises with heavily-customized SAP systems, the prospect of migrating to SAP HANA may seem daunting. But when you choose a hosted, consumption-based deployment model, you can bypass the complexity of on-premises management without sacrificing control or reliability.

Blending On Premises and On Demand Through Consumption-Based IT

One of the greatest advantages of SAP HANA over its predecessor is speed. The in-memory processing allows you to derive insights from millions of data points much faster than traditional databases.

However, IT leaders that have already considered a move to SAP HANA know that this data processing power comes with an important decision — do you keep SAP HANA on premises or move it to the cloud for greater agility?

Many current SAP HANA deployments have prioritized on-premises equipment to maximize both security and performance. While cloud-based deployments offer unrivaled cost-efficiency and agility, the trade-offs often prove too significant for such a mission-critical platform.

Focus on a consumption model that blends both worlds — on-premises control and performance with cloud agility and cost-efficiency. Now, with an infrastructure solution like HPE GreenLake, you can get an on-premises pay-per-use solution that’s built specifically for SAP HANA.

Why Trust HPE GreenLake for Your SAP HANA Migration?

The long, complicated road to successful SAP HANA design, implementation, performance, security, and control is enough to get IT leaders to procrastinate on the 2025 migration deadline. But a consumption-based deployment through HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA can eliminate the migration headaches, allowing you to focus your valuable resources on mission-critical data insights.

The benefits of HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA include:

  • Faster Time to Value: Purpose-built solutions optimized for SAP HANA include certified SAP hardware from HPE. Coupled with reference architectures and our expertise with HPE products, you can accelerate the migration process.
  • Better Economics: Reduce infrastructure costs with active capacity management and a flexible pay-per-use model that’s based on the gigabytes used by SAP HANA.
  • Enterprise Quality Control: Satisfies security, compliance, and data sovereignty requirements with on-premises solutions, reducing business risk and maximizing continuity/availability.
  • Simplified IT: Leverage hosted SAP HANA for fast problem resolution and ongoing support for migration and implementation.

Working with a partner you trust is the key to achieving these HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA benefits. As an HPE Platinum Partner, American Digital has the experience and expertise to turn your legacy SAP platform into a consumption-based SAP HANA environment.

Don’t let the SAP deadline sneak up on you. Contact us today and get out ahead of your SAP HANA migration.

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