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Storage Optimization in Today’s Digital Economy

Posted on: September 2nd, 2016 by Daniella Lundsberg

In today’s digital economy, navigating the IT landscape can be challenging. As more and more data is created, enterprises are looking for scalable solutions to collect, store and analyze larger amounts of data. When it comes to storage management, it’s vital for organizations to adopt a more holistic view of its current storage needs and most importantly, anticipate future needs and goals. Are your storage optimization strategies in-line with company growth?

Creating a storage optimization roadmap

It’s not just about the amount of storage, it’s about determining the best storage level and capacity unique to your company’s business goals and strategies across the network. Highly complex storage systems can lead to inefficiencies, longer processing times, poor availability and higher costs. One of the first steps is to create a comprehensive storage optimization roadmap, which includes:

Review of existing storage architecture against future needs and goals

  • Benchmarking current storage capacity and performance
  • Determine the optimal hardware/software and virtualization solutions
  • Research different types of storage solutions: Flash, Cloud and Hybrid
  • Identify opportunities for storage optimization and long-term benefits

The goals of storage optimization

The goals of storage optimization are to reduce storage hardware costs, consolidate existing storage resources and gain system-wide visibility. However, since not all data is created equal, before companies can determine their storage needs, it’s important to look at the type of data that drives the organization. Next, companies should create a comprehensive guide outlining both possible quick improvements to their storage capacities and the long-term benefits of storage optimization.

Go Green!

Along with lowering your TCO in today’s digital world, companies now have a choice when it comes to their storage environments and hardware solutions. As enterprises scale, while they simultaneously upgrade to new technologies, it becomes even more challenging to reduce operational budgets. To sustain company growth and create more efficient processes, organizations must invest even more dollars into their IT infrastructure. However, upgrading can become more sustainable by utilizing flash technology, cost-efficient hardware and eco-friendly cloud storage solutions. American Digital can future-proof your enterprise and simplify upgrades and migrations.

Learn more about storage optimization solutions

As HP’s largest Platinum Partner in the Midwest, American Digital can help craft a unique storage optimization roadmap to meet your company’s needs and goals. Complete a Storage Assessment today and learn how we can help you with all of your storage needs.


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