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The Transformative Impact of the Cloud

Posted on: October 16th, 2015 by Daniella Lundsberg

The cloud is having a transformative impact on business. Organizations who utilize cloud technologies will lead the way in innovation and stay ahead of the competition. With 65% of the fortune 1000 companies moving to the cloud, having a cloud implementation strategy is vital for company growth.

How the Cloud Can Transform Your Business Along with greater agility, the cloud allows organizations to leverage technology along every phase of the IT lifecycle. Building the right cloud solution for your business can help you reduce your operating costs, enhance elasticity, and simplify data analysis. Some of the ways the cloud can transform your business includes:

  • Integration of the cloud with existing architecture at lower costs
  • Faster time-to-market and ease of integration
  • Automation of application and data updates
  • New product development and innovation
  • Improve alignment with customers and partners

Cloud Adoption and Cloud Implementation Cloud adoption rates are maturing at a fast pace and early adoption is key. Based on a 2015 mid-year survey from Cowen & Company, 77% of enterprises report meaningful cloud adoption and believe many more processes will be moved to the cloud. As companies expand their digital footprint, and with the rise of cloud computing accelerating, it’s imperative that companies develop a structured cloud implementation strategy to give them a competitive advantage when it comes to business innovation.

Private, Public or Hybrid? Which cloud model is best for your business objectives and goals? According to the IDC, by the year 2020, clouds will stop being referred to as “public” or “private” and eventually, cloud models will simply evolve into the new way of doing business. There is not one simple solution and before choosing a cloud infrastructure, it’s important for companies to establish data protection strategies before moving any sensitive data into the cloud. Today, most enterprises are using a mix of cloud solutions; thus, choosing a hybrid model to take advantage of the agile public cloud, while using the private cloud to maintain security protocols and data protection.

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