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HP IDOL and Facial Recognition Technologies Unite To Enhance Public Safety

Posted on: June 24th, 2015 by Daniella Lundsberg

The security landscape is changing and, with it, highly secure organizations from the military to law enforcement are benefitting from behavioral recognition technology including facial recognition. Meanwhile, the explosion of big data puts a wealth of real-time information at our fingertips, giving us the ability to analyze data rapidly and expedite action. When we bring these innovations together – uniting multiple disparate data sources from various real-time surveillance videos, photos, and audio files – we can connect the dots in mere seconds. As such, we could potentially identify fraud, criminal suspects – even terrorists at a live public event – faster and easier than ever before.

Leading this space is HP Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), which helps organizations pool together a multitude of data sources to rapidly locate relevant information, analyze that information, and act on it immediately. And IDOL provides this capability out of the box – connecting with outside information without the need for third party add-ons. With powerful extensibility, HP IDOL supports searches within massive video, photo, or audio libraries or feeds.

Even if it’s stored securely behind various user privileges and requirements, HP IDOL has brainpower to discover and index data across all of those secured sources and determine relevance in seconds. It then presents actionable analytics on one dashboard with the speed and agility required to support critical decisions.

“We’ve helped government agencies employ HP IDOL to use their data intelligence for improved efficiencies and expedited decision-making, dramatically improving public safety,” explained an American Digital consultant.

Popular applications include:

Rapid mapping of an individual’s recorded interactions
Scene recreations using various photos and videos
Personnel screenings for enhance base security
Real-time facial surveillance and monitoring for secure events
Facial features matching with security clearance databases
Expedited security response and criminal case resolution

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How Companies Can Capitalize on Big Data

Posted on: June 11th, 2015 by Daniella Lundsberg

Marketers and decision makers have been longing for greater insight into customer behavior, and the era of big data has finally arrived. More facts, figures, information, and insight are now at our disposal than ever before. Data is exploding, with companies gathering intelligence through a myriad of sources and customer interactions – from credit card transactions through customer survey responses, web server logs, and social media activity. But all of this data is only valuable for the companies that can distill it and convert it into meaningful and actionable analytics.

To make this data meaningful, IT solutions need to not only manage the sheer volume of information now available through various applications and channels but also the constant inflow. Data and metrics arrive continuously in real time, and this volume, variety, and variability exceeds the capabilities of traditional relational databases and business intelligence (BI) software. Companies need to make use of structured data, like customer records and spreadsheets, along with semi-structured and unstructured data like image files, PDF files, videos, web pages, emails, and word processing documents.

To meet these complexities, companies are turning to newer and more sophisticated technologies like Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, and Pig for data collection all the way through data visualization. These solutions not only handle greater data complexity but can also return results faster – making real-time insight attainable.

With advanced big data analytics, companies can use the information they already have to enhance decision-making, track trends, and boost their competitive edge. They can gain actionable insight into today’s customer behaviors along with the ability to forecast future correlations, patterns, and market trends. Companies are also able to use big data to support geo-targeted and personalized marketing initiatives, assess and improve customer service processes, explore new revenue opportunities, and launch proactive offers based on predictive behavioral modeling. Determine how you can capitalize from Big Data.


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Why You Should Know About Hadoop

Posted on: June 3rd, 2015 by Daniella Lundsberg

The vast majority of the general population is familiar with Google, Etsy, and Twitter. Yet most are unfamiliar with Hadoop, even though all of these popular big data social media and search engine platforms use Hadoop to manage the terabytes of data they store and exchange. Experts predict that, in the coming years, the term “Hadoop” could become as common as the phrase “big data”.

So what’s Hadoop, and why should businesses care? Data – and data collection – is exploding. It’s being gathered and processed on mobile devices and computers, RFID readers, and cameras at unprecedented rates.

Hadoop makes it easy for businesses to manage big data from a myriad of sources without constantly investing and reinvesting in new storage hardware. It’s capable of processing vast amounts of data and returning search and computational results quickly and efficiently. Because it’s an open-source framework, Hadoop is free to use. So it’s attractive to organizations looking to trim their IT budgets. In addition to a low price-point, Hadoop is an excellent processing environment for managing high calculation complexity like statistical simulations or extensive analytics – activities that are typically slow and resource-intensive.

Another perk making Hadoop popular in the era of big data is its flexibility, able to store structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data – as much as needed  – without the need to preprocess that data beforehand as required with a traditional relational database. To safeguard business continuity, Hadoop also replicates data across multiple computers. So data and application processing are secure even in the event of hardware failure.

Companies looking to solve large-scale calculations, make sense of business intelligence, or manage massive amounts of data in multiple formats – from text to video and images – can do so within the Hadoop processing environment. Its value touches a wide range of industries – from analysts building sophisticated financial models to ecommerce storefronts that need to give customers quick catalog search results.

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